Is A level further maths meant to be so easy?

My answer on Quora: Is A level further maths meant to be so easy?

This is the result of slow degradation of mathematics curriculum under political and socio-economic pressures. However, for people in charge of school education in England, it is important to continue to pretend that A level mathematics is hard, challenging, and relevant.

Mathematics education is poisoned by centrally set written examinations. They require a new set of exam question every year, new — but somehow familiar to students; this means creation of exceptionally boring problems which differ one from another only by values of numerical parameters. Real mathematics is built around iconic, unique, eternal problems which cannot be used in written exams and for that reason never mentioned to students in England — and in most other counties. Standardised maths exams in China are real hard – but also brain and soul destroying.

If A-level Further Mathematics is easy for you, try problems from Tony Gardiner’s and my book The Essence of Mathematics Through Elementary Problems. A pdf file is downloadable for free.

А если Вы читаете по-руски, посмотрите на учебные материалы Moscow Center for Continuous Mathematical Education

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