Combinatorics at Strathclyde – closure threat

Some of you may already know that there is a threat to the abolish the combinatorics group at the University of Strathclyde:

Peter Cameron is helping to consolidate national and international efforts to prevent this from happening. His comments can be found here:,  and the petition in support of the combinatorics group here:

Tim Gowers has also written briefly on this:

If you would like to show support for this combinatorics group, Peter Cameron is collecting signatures for the above petition, which only requires emailing Peter at pjc20 >>at<<, simply giving your name and University affiliation (if you have one) and the statement “I support this petition”. Peter will do the rest.

Also, feel free to distribute this email to your colleagues/friends who might be interested in supporting the combinatorics group. Your help is much appreciated. 

 Thanks in advance for your help!

David Bevan, Sergey Kitaev and Einar Steingrimsson [from an e-mail message]